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Book Aid is the second charity supported by Grays Farm


Book Aid collect good condition seccond hand Bibles & other Christian books to send to third world countries.

The farm acts as a collection point -
you may bring books when you visit us. It is very helpfull if these can be in small (easily lifted) strong boxes Max 23 Kilos please.

Please visit the Book Aid website for further information

Below are two direct quotes from their website:

What Types Of Books Do You Need?

For our overseas program we are looking for the following books only:
All kinds of Christian books
Bibles of any version
Ladybird Books - both religious and secular

Unfortunately we are unable to use secular books; school text books; dated reading notes/ Sunday School material; Magazines; Hymn Books or music media (CD's, Videos, Cassette Tapes)


Purpose & Programme

BOOK AID came into being as a positive response to an urgent appeal from overseas Christian Booksellers who were suffering such an acute shortage of books that many were in danger of closing.


  1. BOOK AID is committed to providing Christian literature to overseas areas which are suffering from BOOK FAMINE.
  2. Shipments are normally made to established Christian Bookshops who have agreed a partnership arrangement with Book Aid and who promise to distribute the books they receive at affordable prices to their own customers and to other bookshops, churches and Bible colleges.
  3. A small charge is made for the books sent to partnership shops, however, Book Aid pays the shipping charges to the nearest port. Any local charges and onward transportation is the responsibility of the recipient bookseller. The books are normally shipped in twenty-foot containers.
  4. Help is also given in a variety of other situations such as to individual Bible colleges and seminaries and Christian schools. These books are provided free of charge but the recipient pays for the shipping costs.
  5. In addition to providing relevant books to needy areas Book Aid supports national literature programmes and initiatives such as local publishing, marketing, training and development through funds generated from book sales.
  6. Sources of books for the programme:
    1. Donations of second-hand books from Christians, facilitated through 200 nationwide ‘collectors’, and also donations of new books from publishers and wholesale distributors.
    2. Purchases of new books from publishers and distributors at special discounts.
    3. Joint publishing of co-editions with publishers of books of particular interest.
    4. Encouraging overseas publishers to enlarge their print runs with the view of greater and wider distribution possibilities through Book Aid.